Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lucky Today

It seems like so long ago that I felt good all of the time. It rained today and of course my allergies got better. Experience in life is all relative. Since I have been feeling bad for a while, I really appreciate a day that all the headaches and trouble goes away. I felt very productive today at work and on my breaks. The need to exercise really seems secondary to the need for cleansing rain.

Avatar is playing on HBO2 tonight and I must say it looked so much better in Blu Ray. I'm sure it was awe inspiring in 3d depending on your theatre. On the cruise I watched one movie and it was truly wonderful. It was "Lion King" in 3d. Nothing beats a brand new Disney theatre with 3d technology. The Lion King was a totally different experience. Sometimes I wonder about my prediction, that 3d will ultimately fail as a broad based consumer phenomenon. 3d has never failed to disappoint before and I can't imagine people wearing glasses to watch most normal television. I have surround sound speakers and rarely turn them on. So at least I will probably be left out of the 3d group for a while.

I did not like Avatar when I watched it before. The effects were the best I had ever seen, but the story is what I enjoy the most and it was not strong in Avatar. I guess in the end, the lowest tech form of storytelling is printed text, and that seems to be more of a passion to me lately. I have not had the time I wanted to read books and I plan on changing that soon.

I have finally gotten my blogs straight and now if I post about one blog entry a day, they would be weekly. I just need more time to read. Reading short articles of news has been very enlightening during this time of immigration laws and the protest against Wall Street. But all is well. Alabama will most likely suffer great economic setbacks and other states will be slow to follow it's lead. And Wall Street has to be worried about the future of it's endless greed.

Before I was reading economic texts one after another but lately, before I fall asleep, I have just been reading pulp fiction. Relaxation is what I need. Unfortunately, I fall asleep rather quickly, but I will set some time aside, relax and read. Right now I'm going to turn off Avatar at about the same place I decided to give up in Blu Ray. Maybe the ending is spectacular and maybe I'll find out someday.

Avatar does make a nice movie to play as a sort of background movie, like a fireplace. :)

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