Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday as a Saturday

Sunday morning. Still on a church search so Wanda and I can be together on the first morning of my weekend. Last time, the church pastor mentioned politics three separate times. There was a subtle wink wink push in the "right" direction and very strong push to vote. I never thought it likely that I would ever hear the politically wonky term "election cycle" during a sermon, but there it was as if by Biblical inspiration. :) Today I think it's a Methodist church. I actually may have found a church I like, Episcopalian, decided more on the people attending than the dynamics of the ritual or the sermon, but we are trying to find one together. My marriage to Wanda and a similar central connection to my stepchildren are the most important aspects of my life.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Late at Night

I seem to have very good ideas late at night. If I act upon them, late at night becomes later and later. If I wait until morning, well, I certainly have no time or inclination for action. I guess I am somewhat doomed to lose sleep over losing sleep tonight.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Meme GOP on Facebook

This is the group I have been helping and this is my graphic for the occasion, mine, sort of, as always, sort of. :) I feel really nice tonight that in a short period of time I have grown so much. My married years have just been so fulfilling.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Simply This

I now see exactly why parents often hold their children back. This meme shows up everywhere in movies and show business. Think of it as the daughter with overbearing mom meme. She can do nothing right. She sees in everything her mother says, a putdown of her efforts. I think it naturally shows up in show business because what could possibly be more likely to fail?

What parent would actually encourage their children not to become a dentist, and instead chase a dream? Not many. I'm past the stage of dream chasing, actually, so it hardly matters that my parents are not around to smack me down and get me going in the proper dentistry accomplishment direction. Too late. I've been off on my own for most of my life now and while not as successful in monetary terms as others and more successful than some others, I really don't care. I eat, I have roof.

I have never been a parent and now am a step-parent. My first inclination is always is to pop the heck out of someone's dream with ideas because I sense that things are not realistic in my own terms of reference. I really admit that is my first thought in being the proper parental figure. I only noticed it as I saw it in someone else. But the terms of my reference are really not enough to go by. Why the heck cannot we just say to ourselves: I don't know everything? Enjoy your life sweet stepdaughter, nice stepson. I will not be in your way.

Have I not enjoyed my own life? And when everything is considered, what are the sparkling achievements?  I know what they are and they didn't come from a lack of dreaming.

So how to balance this mess of being a step-parent, in whatever way, and being true to what I really did in my own life? I don't know really. I'll take a guess my own parents were winging it as well.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Our journey through life could be defined as one thing after another. However, when we say, "It has been one thing after another," we are not saying it in any positive way.

I do understand that the art of keeping yourself busy can be the most positive experience that can be found. So, I'm sitting in this room of sick people reading a book about how Wall Street has purchased the government, and my Kindle beeps to tell me that there is only 15% battery left. But, instead of say, going out to get another ebook reader, I just put it down and bask in the quiet.

Oh yes, a cough now and then, but that only reminded me that there were people sicker than I. Eventually I am in an exam room and it seems too quiet  so I start reading again and soon, put my book down for a second time, just basking in the now utterly silent room. I honestly was in no hurry, other than the fact that I needed to get to work, for my doctor to come in.

Now, this is, as you have probably suspected by now, an entry of little or no interest. I have an ear infection and sinus infection which is par for the course for me. I got to bare my bottom to a nurse for a shot of antibiotics and that was it. But, honestly, I have been so busy. I like my life with a little completely boring downtime these days. Never before did I enjoy wating in a waiting room with a headache. And that is the only unique and interesting aspect to recount. I enjoy waiting now....nah, perhaps it was just that damned headache...