Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Calming Waters

Life has been very calm. For me this is fundamentally the way I want things. I keep incrementally hitting my New Year resolutions and overall, I think this is very effective. Since announcing I was writing an eBook, I have not written a line beyond what I already had but I do know it will be finished. I am feeling so much more relaxed and worries seem to pass me by... I navigate any rough waters so as to calm them. This is not so much bragging, because it really is an idealized description, as it is setting a standard to keep to. A course to follow. Thank you for reading the real blog here.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Local e-Book Author

I talked to a lady the other day who came around to print some stuff. She asked me if there were any writer's clubs at the library. I said that we had a poetry club. She asked me if I wrote and I said that I wrote a few blogs. She started to tell me this amazing story after telling me I should think about writing ebooks. She and her husband now write Young Adult fiction for ebooks. She told me all kinds of personal details about money and stategy that I really should not go into, but I was amazed. I knew she was a local because I knew her from way on back (I have only been working here for 12 years now but that far back). She and her husband is a major success but she says she does not want publicity. I really was inspired. Someday, when there is an appropriate distance from this time or if she goes public, I will relate all the details. Very fascinating opportunity there.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I had a terrible New Year's Day worried about the GOP and doing it out loud. Ever since Hurricane Katrina when it all hit me that our government was broken, I have been talking back to the tv. I gave up the tv news and now I get angry at my computer for delivering me idiotic news. Today I subjected family members to my statements during the low moment when it looked like Boehner was going to wreck the bill. Oddly, exactly what I asked for happened. I figured the Dems would cave and I said that the Senate or Obama needs to say no to Boehner. Bing... wish came true and finally GOP leadership had to put the bill up for a vote, to allow our elected representatives to vote on something.

But the saving grace of the day of worry was a hug from someone dear.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


And the new year begins with a whimper. I have downloaded an app called "worry bottle" which advertises itself as a way to send your worry to a complete stranger and have them give support. So far I have thrown out 1 worry with no reply. Really, it was more fun to watch the worry disappear into the ocean. I kind of hope no one answers it. The more interesting part was in answering other people's worries. The app allows "thank you"s or appreciation. I gave encouragement and advice to 8 people and have already been thanked for 4. I put some thought into my answers without even knowing there was a response coming. Finally, there was a worry that someone felt they were not getting enough appreciation. I even put thought into a long paragraph basically saying charity is it's own reward. I got appreciation from the person of course. ;) I would not think of using the word "charity" because today the implication is that the person receiving charity has something wrong with them, or even implies pride on my part. My worry? Basically, that there is a lack of community today.


1. Lose weight.
2. Blog at least once a day in one of my blogs.
3. Go out of my way as often as possible to brighten the day of others.
4. Take at least 7 pictures a week.
5. Walk one hour a day.
6. Add more resolutions in the new year.

Happy New Year.