Saturday, January 12, 2013

Local e-Book Author

I talked to a lady the other day who came around to print some stuff. She asked me if there were any writer's clubs at the library. I said that we had a poetry club. She asked me if I wrote and I said that I wrote a few blogs. She started to tell me this amazing story after telling me I should think about writing ebooks. She and her husband now write Young Adult fiction for ebooks. She told me all kinds of personal details about money and stategy that I really should not go into, but I was amazed. I knew she was a local because I knew her from way on back (I have only been working here for 12 years now but that far back). She and her husband is a major success but she says she does not want publicity. I really was inspired. Someday, when there is an appropriate distance from this time or if she goes public, I will relate all the details. Very fascinating opportunity there.

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