Tuesday, January 1, 2013


And the new year begins with a whimper. I have downloaded an app called "worry bottle" which advertises itself as a way to send your worry to a complete stranger and have them give support. So far I have thrown out 1 worry with no reply. Really, it was more fun to watch the worry disappear into the ocean. I kind of hope no one answers it. The more interesting part was in answering other people's worries. The app allows "thank you"s or appreciation. I gave encouragement and advice to 8 people and have already been thanked for 4. I put some thought into my answers without even knowing there was a response coming. Finally, there was a worry that someone felt they were not getting enough appreciation. I even put thought into a long paragraph basically saying charity is it's own reward. I got appreciation from the person of course. ;) I would not think of using the word "charity" because today the implication is that the person receiving charity has something wrong with them, or even implies pride on my part. My worry? Basically, that there is a lack of community today.

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