Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Our journey through life could be defined as one thing after another. However, when we say, "It has been one thing after another," we are not saying it in any positive way.

I do understand that the art of keeping yourself busy can be the most positive experience that can be found. So, I'm sitting in this room of sick people reading a book about how Wall Street has purchased the government, and my Kindle beeps to tell me that there is only 15% battery left. But, instead of say, going out to get another ebook reader, I just put it down and bask in the quiet.

Oh yes, a cough now and then, but that only reminded me that there were people sicker than I. Eventually I am in an exam room and it seems too quiet  so I start reading again and soon, put my book down for a second time, just basking in the now utterly silent room. I honestly was in no hurry, other than the fact that I needed to get to work, for my doctor to come in.

Now, this is, as you have probably suspected by now, an entry of little or no interest. I have an ear infection and sinus infection which is par for the course for me. I got to bare my bottom to a nurse for a shot of antibiotics and that was it. But, honestly, I have been so busy. I like my life with a little completely boring downtime these days. Never before did I enjoy wating in a waiting room with a headache. And that is the only unique and interesting aspect to recount. I enjoy waiting now....nah, perhaps it was just that damned headache...

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