Friday, June 7, 2013

The Crescendo of Scandalous Crises Mode: Part 1

I think I have actually reached the point where the scandalous way we run our country has become humorous. I think impeachment must be the way to settle this now, and I just want to sit back as a spectator and watch idiots from both sides of the political fence destroy the cohesion of our society, whatever state it is in at this point (probably Hawaii where it is too pretty to bother). If all this scandalous hurricane force rage blows over in a month or two, I will truly be disappointed.  We honestly don't deserve to survive in any credible way after all of this. Our government must have been shattered during the blowjob impeachment and it surely does not deserve to continue in any way that is recognizable to what went before.

I know this sounds a bit harsh, but idiocy rules every part of our system. Infighting, outfighting, (you name the kind of fighting) has completely broken out into a civil war of immense proportions to determine who are the dumbest among us, and put them in charge.

I write this in a 15 minute break, so I really don't have much time for subtlety, not that subtlety matters here.

So there it is, a giant tuna sandwich of truth on a croissant with lettuce leafs that are too big and thick to chew. I will be enjoying my lunch and the rest of you can fire at will. Just don't throw your food near my lunch, please, in the name of polity.

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