Wednesday, July 6, 2011

E. Coli

7/6 The Republicans have let it be known with a number of votes that were symbolic in nature, having no chance to be passed, like the medicare thing, that they will be undoing financial reforms as soon as they get their hands on the treasury and power in the congress. This is a signal to Wall Street to start giving money to their campaigns. Democrats have barely managed to put any regulations at all on the financial institutions, especially compared to other countries. Yet, this little amount is too much regulation for these guys. Nothing has changed. They fought regulation of their predatory lending that led us to this point. Apparently still flush with the power over our political system, banks do not want to go back to being banks. They want no controls over their greed; they want the fancy cars, yachts and incidentally the drugs and prostitutes that went along with the last time they had their hands on our money without regulation. Feel I'm being too harsh? I doubt it. These scum continue to control important offices in our government and have shown in the past that they have no remorse. They haven't lost a single financial incentive while driving the rest of us ever downward. There is book after book detailing their vice and financial crimes. I read in amazement and ponder our lack or moral outrage. Bad day for me? You could guess? :)
7/6 Murdoch's empire has serious moral problems. That's in the news but it hardly qualifies as new. If I thought that this development would harm their "journalistic" empire, I would be interested, but it's about as important as the exoneration of that lady who was accused of killing her kids. Tragedy is tragedy and distracts from the actual important stuff. At least the verdict was disappointing to the viewers peeking through the picket fence. Millions left Court TV after the OJ verdict.

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