Monday, July 11, 2011

No Puns, No Humor

7/11 No humor here.  The other day I had a disagreement in a discussion with a lady about "personal responsibility." She basically claimed that all the people getting into the scammy mortgages obviously should have known better. She said that she and I would not get involved in living above our means. She actually was pretty worked up over the issue. I was merely stating the facts I knew about the mortgage sellers and what methods they used. But it was personal to her because she worked hard for what she has and others may now get houses on the cheap or through government programs. As personal as it was to her, it was more personal to these folks:
Despite the fact that I would probably have had difficulty in holding a conversation with a lot of these people. Let's take a moment to remember the people who sold them their mortgages, knowing full well what they were doing, enjoy their bounty.

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