Wednesday, July 18, 2012

In which I begin yet again...

The truth has no single beginning or ending. It has lots of them. I am back to my favorite blog. Forget the others. They are but fluff. Here is where the truth comes out. And I begin yet again...

It was an odd day at work today. There were so many people who think in so many different ways. Really, if you get a really good meme going and sort of get people moving in the right direction, I fancy you might get something done. I'm pretty darned positive though, it would be the wrong thing.

For whatever reason, these people are way different. This week's Romney antics make you wonder how the heck this guy is in the position he has come to occupy. How did they get him past the vetting process? Was there a vetting process? Was everyone in the equation just so oddly different from each other that they could not get together and realize this man's public persona is that of Sybil Isabel Dorsett? Flip Flop is not even the right phrase. His is a world where two opposite things can be true at the same time. He is the first candidate that straddles the Fringe universe.

This is happening in my time. Surely not enough time has passed that half the people in America would believe you can retroactively resign from a job.

You see my problem?  Beginning again and again and again. There is no common thread. But after all, this is the truth.

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