Monday, October 1, 2012


We had an interesting church hunting experience this morning. The pastor at the church we were exploring was a woman. Unfortunately, or somewhat fortunately as it was a nice experience, the theme was music and there was not a formal sermon. We will be going back next week to see her in action. I have to admit it was so unique having a woman guiding the church. If she just hadn't mentioned the presidential election in passing.... But we will go back and hope (pray) she doesn't mention politics again. Another nice thing was an older gentleman in the choir being helped by a lady beside him, with the pages of his music. She also helped him down from the stage. I have often admired the endurance of older people in churches. I myself get tired of standing and sitting and standing again. I guess churches want to have participation from the members but I get tired of standing at rock concerts, too. Just once I would like to relax and watch an entertainer perform while I was seated as if in a recliner at home watching TV.

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