Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Only College Football Post I Ever Do, I Hope

I noticed Alabama's Coach Saban shrug his shoulders over and over in a post game interview. It was funny. I completely remember being punished for shrugging my shoulders at my teacher in first grade. She said "Stop shrugging your shoulders at me." I did not even know what the word "shrug" meant and shrugged my shoulders in reply. I got swatted.

My stepson had been watching the Alabama-Auburn game and it was in it's waning moments when I got home from work. I watched Alabama's coach in a post game interview. I noticed him shrugging quite a bit. I backed the tape up and counted Coach Saban's shrugs just for the heck of it. 17 shrugs were apparent if I included the micro shrugs. AND it was an extremely short interview. So at this point I thought that surely someone had noticed this before. In all likelihood, Coach Saban must do this constantly. So I looked it up on the Internet and to be sure found THIS.

But oddly, before I found that one, I found this: 
It was coincidentally the same number that I counted and posted in almost exactly the same form I used on Facebook, to wit: "Saban 'Aww gee whiz' shrug count in post game interview = 17".  I post anything on Facebook. If someone doesn't like it, there is an unfriend button for me and them.  :)  I have defriended dozens and dozens because of annoying sports posts. Otherwise intelligent people have to be banned for me to be able to enjoy Facebook. And I do enjoy it.

Furthermore, since the date was different in this tweet which I had uncovered, this tweet must have referred to a different game. How strange! As with most things, even when I have an original thought, someone else has beat me to it. But, in reality, I actually knew this kind of thing would be out there in cyberspace somewhere because of three reasons. (1) This man shrugs like nobody's business. It makes him look very insincere. His first grade teacher had nothing on mine. (2) I hardly ever watch sports anymore, (college football sports was the last to go) so what was the likelihood this was unique? The only thing unique was that the game was on my TV. (3) College football fans spend godawful amounts of time discussing and studying every unimportant aspect of their hobby. I used to be this way about my hobby, The Beatles, and in some ways I still do this. But there isn't a competitive thing going on in my hobby. Nevertheless, I kind of get it. I think the competitive thing is dumb, but I get it. 

So, it all boils down to this: I basically only like "Curling" which I see in the Winter Olympics. I used to like lots of Winter Olympic sports and will watch them a bit, but the best sport of all, in the entire world, bar none, is Curling. They are gentlemen, or gentlewomen. The sport has good sportsmanship. The rest of sports you can toss in a barrel and burn. Drugged performances, commercialism, bribed players, shallow fans, idiotic interviews, and commentators that are as dumb as toasted oats. 

Sadly, the Alabama or Auburn football fans honestly fail to see how their hobby colors their world negatively. Some sincerely speak about tolerance and in the next breath, or post, are extremely intolerant of someone because of the sports team they support. Is there a better metaphor for the dehumanization of mankind? Because, in general, the state of Alabama does not have a lot of folks that are tolerant towards anyone different or any thought which is not a truism directly from Fox Noise. And, that intolerance seeps in  through the back door of college football for those others who would otherwise be very thoughtful people. It is like racism without even a racial characteristic to recognize.

Shit!, my father would have said.

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