Saturday, August 17, 2013

Self Indulgent Stuff

Things are rapidly changing in my life but they will all be for the better, in time, or I will modify as I go to make them better. It all started with a medical issue, which is not all that important as I really am an old guy and medical issues are the daily bread of one's later life. However, I started thinking of all the things I know I do wrong. Now it is almost a spiritual journey.

When one is young and has a belief in basically unlimited amount of moments in time, a person sometimes gets lax. I almost feel sorry for those who don't at least get somewhat lax. I remember my childhood summers between school as the best times of my life. I did try to use them somewhat wisely. One summer I learned about research, by researching topics in the Maxwell Air Force Base library. I was interested in mainly science fiction although I also researched POW accounts from World War II. Both interested me at the time. One summer I learned how to type on an electric typewriter. That effected my life as well. On yet another summer, I learned how to juggle 3 balls. This did not really come in handy in the rest of my life. It is not something you actually retain very well without practice. But the fact that I tried endlessly, with the barest of instructions, for at least a month to perfect this skill gave me a great sense of accomplishment and helped hone my tenacity. Otherwise, summers were spent playing, listening to music, reading, or watching television. It is good to learn the art of enjoying life.

I loved reading but I never enjoyed writing much. My standards were too high for myself. I wanted to be as good as the best without the steps in between. This is the whole story behind my blogs really. I wanted to finally begin the journey. Of course it is way too late but I am traveling.

The changes happening to me merely create the need for a new lifestyle. Habits are not easy to shift obviously, but the times I have met with success in the past all amounted to me rethinking everything I did in a new way. I have to keep my mind open for all sorts of possibilities. And I have to do tons of things I am not used to, and consequently do not relish doing being as resistant to change as ever. I might be the most liberal person in the world in politics, pushing for change at every step, but change really doesn't happen that fast in politics. One can control each moment of one's day much more effectively and drastically.

So I embark on a new adventure. What it means for the blogs and social networking, I do not know. Time is an issue. When one changes something, one needs to factor everything in. Take nothing for granted. There is always time in the future to modify.

I'd like to say I rarely write self indulgent entries but... all a blog is self indulgence.. come on, you know it's true. :)

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