Monday, August 19, 2013

Deleted Comments on Libertarians

The interplay on Facebook can be fun but it is not the place for essays. :) While it is interesting trying to make one's comments succinct enough to be read, it is no place for long winded narratives, which you must know by now, are my specialty. I often hammer things out on facebook into a fine brass form only to delete them. After all, I am trying to hone my writing skills, I tell myself. Then I invariably delete, not just because my writing skills are bad, but because it doesn't belong on Facebook where the swift acerbic comment is king. Anyway, here is an example of the lost writings of me. The last two comments were deleted. The post being commented on was about Julian Assange's endorsement of Paul Rand as his brand of libertarianism. Here are my four comments. You can see there are no responses other than "likes" for my acerbic swift one, but then again, I deleted less than a minute after writing the last. A waste of time? You bet!!

  • Michael DeVore One of his "coworkers" at Wikileaks wrote a book about him... I don't believe everything I read (especially since this author was trying to distance himself from criminal prosecution) but what he wrote seemed logical. Assange is a strange bird. Both Assange and Snowden seem to have this need to be important in realms other than just publishing the documents, and the advantage they have is that official response to them cannot include evidence because their cases are ongoing plus both are dealing with state secrets, which, the less said, the better... for the agencies involved.

  • Michael DeVore But Rand Paul? That lunacy is beyond the practical into the absurd.
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  • Michael DeVore Libertarians in general, seem to like simplistic answers to intricate questions. Some of the things they say are perfectly legit because a simple answer can be the solution. They have, for instance, helped us rethink the war on drugs, However, the same simplistic underpinnings for their argument about drugs would have "buyer beware" capitalism, without government regs, to be the holy grail of economics. They would complicate this by having education purchased rather than available, which would make the buyer an easy mark. It isn't practical or workable.

  • Michael DeVore And college kids like this stuff. It is easy to understand and a simple world view that allows you to immediately come up with answers to questions based on a sort of utopian framework. Plus the two main parties look completely unresponsive to them. I just wish I could get the college students together with the lady who I knew to be a major player in Rand Paul campaign in this area. They could discuss her views on the world trade center being a demolition job by the government using demolition charges, the planes being a distraction.

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