Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not sure if....

I have been trying to figure out so many things this morning. It seems like I must take someone's word on pretty much everything I do. Written contracts are just not what they used to be. Trust us.

If there is every a time for mistrust... wouldn't you expect it now. But getting something precisely spelled out to you is an impossibility on paper. Why I would have to

I guess I could document it here that I have been told I am able to leave the City of Montgomery's health plan and come back to it if I needed it later, at any time, no less. You see, they just changed the contract amd this makes my current method economically silly.  Heck, if they can change the contract at the drop of a hat anyway, where am I?  It is so confusing and I feel lost in these transactions. Heaven forbid that I ever have to actually go back to coverage by the City of Montgomery to find out I have been lied to. Hell, they may not even be there. I have kind of have made my decision to work through to medicare, I guess, because, how can you rely on them to stick to a "contract."

At any rate, on a lighter note, I hear a bunch of stuff about bonds not being the go-to investment anymore. So I look up on USAA, my bank, to see my investments in bonds and come across this graphic under the allocation of my bond fund:

Sometimes it seems like a struggle to just successfully navigate life to get to the portion where they put you six feet under.

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