Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Kicking a Few Capitalists Out of my Domicile.. :)

I have decided to eject two private companies from my house. I am going with the City of Opelika to provide my television, internet and phone. This kicks out Dish. It was just a constant bother. If I were not one of the warring parties trying to get my bill down with this offer or that, signing contracts, getting them to provide C-Span or some other channel... then Dish was in some skirmish or other with networks by taking them off and blackmailing the companies for lower fees. I am weary of war. We did not have a CBS affiliate for months during the premier of the Fall Season as we were just collateral damage.

The other combatant I am tossing is Charter Cable. Cable companies have always been in their own separate league for warmongering capitalists. They have, in one form or another, always belligerently screwed around with me. I would prefer not to go down the long and winding road of their historic militancy again... I get flashbacks. Suffice it to say they have had awful customer service. So, when Charter became part of the group of cable companies and ISPs trying to derail Net Neutrality, I said that enough was enough. I will no longer give my money to the wrong cause. My Netflix has been acting up and like it or not, you, Charter, are to blame for this by just being in the camp trying to blackmail Netflix to pay you money for bandwidth and wreck Net Neutrality through moneyed lobbying.

So, today I begin to follow the path of peace and band with my fellow citizens to choose a socially responsible system over crony capitalistic warfare. We are lucky enough, for whatever political reason, to have fiber-optic cables recently wired through our neighborhoods by the city, the polis, the people!

Vive la révolution!

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