Sunday, May 25, 2014

Opelika Fiber Optic

After a few missteps, like cutting my cable service line for the second time (when installing a customer across the street and then installing myself),  the new fiber optic line to my house is preforming brilliantly. One might well ask why it would be important not to willy nilly cut the old Charter cable to my house to install new fiber optic. The answer is of course that you should not do this anyway, but especially when you are just digging the trench for a line you don't intend to install until a week later. Really, you cannot blame the City of Opelika for this because it is just their vendor that made the mistakes, and Opelika Power responded with the utmost responsibility. These are good folks who want to provide a superior service... and, boy do they. Internet is perfect, video on demand is great, HD television is the best to ever to appear on my TV except for blu-ray, and after an adjustment Opelika Power had to make the next day, my Netflix is no longer having the problems it had under Charter Communications of Auburn.

I am happy, Opelika Power. To do great things, one might always risk a misstep or two. Now, can we talk about your pricing? Because I think your business model there can always be improved. :)  Thank you again, Opelika Power Service, Opelika, Alabama. My home is better.

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