Wednesday, September 7, 2011

9/11 Families

The families of the victims of the 9/11 tragedy actually see no reason to change the ceremony they have been having. I wouldn't do it for Fox News, CNN, or any media outlet either.

In year one, they missed their family members. In year two, they missed their family members. For 9 straight years they have missed their family members, each differently, each uniquely.

I am happy I have forgotten the date my father died. Unfortunately, my mother died on Christmas Day, so it is not so easy. I wonder, are there any family members of 9/11 victims who happened to have birthdays on September 11? Or are there any family's with wedding anniversaries on that date?

Because my mother died on Christmas Day, I didn't celebrate Christmas for a long time. It took a special effort to rehabilitate the holiday. I'm very happy I finally made the effort.

10th anniversary ceremonies are not usually thought of for dates upon which a family member died. Isn't it the same as anniversary number 9? Is it any different from day 987? But this 9/11 anniversary is different for the networks of the news cycle. Perhaps this is the real problem. It is money to some.

Someone posted a Budweiser commercial on Facebook that was "only shown 1 time." The horses bow near the New York skyline, then "Budweiser" is emblazoned across the screen. "Only shown 1 time" leads to the mystique but I sincerely doubt that Budweiser did not consider the possible viral distribution, or the legend of their ad. "Budweiser" not an "anonymous" "We will never forget" or something. The Clydesdales were plenty recognizable.

Death is something very personal and it doesn't do well with cameras. The first responders whose colleagues died in the September 11 attacks can really choose another day or spot for their ceremony. Perhaps they might meet at Central Park. That is very big and a New York icon.

But the families of the victims, which include the families of first responders who died, should have the peace and solemnity that they have had for 9 years. And they should have their spot on the map if they want it. After all, there are many empty graves.

I wouldn't want to attend such an event, I don't think. And I am so blessed that my Mother and Father's deaths are not linked to the retaliatory killing of 100's of thousands of other innocents.

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