Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Feel Better

I have been suffering a bit on the health side, I think mainly because of my sinus problems. We have good times coming up next week and thankfully, this morning I feel pretty much normal. The weather seems to affect me and rain is good for me and it is blessedly raining today. I have aches and pains with the rain but I can handle those.

Anyway, as you get older health becomes more and more of a factor in life. Another thing that seems to balance on the edge of importance is the question of what kind of world are we leaving for our children? I think it comes with age, wisdom, and slow burning regret. I think there are always flaws in our past behavior, the memoris of which are haunting. I feel a need to make up for these past mistakes and I hope it makes me a better person.

Earlier, I noticed that childhood bullies remained bullies in adult life when rediscovered on Facebook. It kind of depressed me that these people had not grown an iota, but had just changed their methods of bullying. But I feel better today.

I have been thinking "class war," adopting the opposition's language with honor, was the ONLY way to get significant change, enough change to pull us out of our current economic problems, problems caused pretty much exclusively by the rich. When the City of Montgomery sent me a letter telling me they were raising my health care insurance rate by another $60 a month, added on to a $20 a month raise 2 years ago, it actually hit me like a brick. There are various reasons I see this as unfair, but I won't whine, well, at least in this entry :). Others have suffered far more than I and the statistics I read almost daily show that. But today...

A while back I posted an entry on one of my blogs about a callous CNBC reporter and I wrote something like "Have you heard the phrase 'class war' from any of your rich friends? Because you will be hearing it." And a lot of my economic ideas, that I formed through reading, have coalesced and are now easing their way onto the national stage. I no longer feel so distanced in the wilderness. It is odd though it is like playing at home along with Jeopardy! on TV -- I feel better when I get them right.

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