Saturday, April 27, 2013

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The terrorists have won. A long while ago, I had to block comments on my blogs due to one individual who was trolling me. I always snicker a bit when I hear a statement like "If we do that, then the terrorists have won." It seems silly to me as our problems were always so minor compared to the lot of the great masses of people in the world who endure real suffering. It is pure luck that we are still alive to endure whatever thing we must endure because of the terrorists.

The silliness is that if comments have to be screened, I don't want them. And I enjoy them not being there far more than I enjoyed dealing with the troll, although he was kind of a hoot. Anyway, it is one more thing I don't have to bother with. I actually know who he is, though he thought himself anonymous, but, alas, I dare not say. :)

What I can say is that there was a point in my life when I started to avoid people who bothered me. And then there was another point in which I was not bothered by my act of avoidance. No guilt was attached any more and the final step towards Nirvana is when you move on and forget the thing happened within minutes.

There are still places where I cannot avoid the bothersome folks in the world. Work with the public is one such place, but, it is all so minor in the grand scheme. I think the ultimate strategy to deal with bothersome people is to laugh. One: because it might just bother them back and make them think when argumentation probably would not. And two: when you think about it, after a period of time on earth makes you a little wiser, they honestly are quite funny.

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