Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Plausible Deniability

Great day today. Feeling better every day, health-wise. I still have little appetite for food, but, that is probably a good thing. And I challenged myself, threw all caution to the wind, and succeeded more than I thought at all possible on a project. It was a more abstract economic meme, but low concept. I wondered if there might be an audience that had read up on this subject and wondered if my meme was good enough...and I was right on both counts, I think. I hope I can come up with similar triumphs, but one was enough to push me forward for a while. I don't expect gangbuster numbers of shares but... what I got was fulfilling.

Also, I focused on quality. I think I have a new perspective on memes. And, as long as I am welcome in MemeGOP, I will forge ahead with my new ideas.

It has been a long time since I have written a more personal entry in the Sandwich. Work is excellent. More and more, every day, our new director seems like the perfect guy for the job. Work has turned from being a bit tedious to being hopeful. I am motivated. I'm still a bit cagey from the past, but highly motivated to do what I do best, because what I do seems to be what is now more appreciated.

As always, I am reorganizing projects. I have completely handed over the Wagon Wheel facebook page to someone else. I built that page from nothing, in a way, less than nothing. I will be free now to spend this time on other projects, knowing that I left it in good hands.

I will focus on the Meme thing for a while until I get some kind of confidence that my efforts are running smoothly. I have not given up on other projects in the least. I am even pleasure reading more.

I'm sure a lot of that was cryptic, but hey... plausible deniability.

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