Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Rodeo People Are Different

At first, the lady from New York, who always comes in to use the computers like clockwork in the mornings, seemed slightly wrong in her morning soliloquy. She always finds some cute way of characterizing the south but is always ever so slightly wrong. So when she told me about the rodeo in town and how the all the girls were dressed alike in short pants, I took it with a grain of salt. Then they started coming in to print their rodeo tickets. One guy, one girl. Always the same. The guys were dressed in jeans, cowboy boots, etc. I must admit I paid less attention to them. The girls were dressed exactly alike, exactly. Six different couples. The second couple actually fooled me. I thought they were the first couple coming back. I let them talk about what they needed for a moment before I realized for sure, this was a different couple and they were not putting me on.
The picture I posted here does not do it justice. It has all the elements, but not quite. "The look" as I have noticed is really mostly short women (though, one was tall and the guy was extra tall as well)  and they are very thin. Their tops were more dressy than the tops above but were really more revealing in the uper area and less around the midriff. Well, the tops varied but... not all that much. Really I noticed the variation only after I started noticing (I was going to say, "looking closely" but that is probably not the best term.)
Then it hit me. The guy in the truck this morning who jumped out in front of me. The rodeo, of course. For this guy I had to slam on my brakes and the stuff in my front seat hit the floorboard, but the odd thing about it was the "Romney - Ryan" sticker on the back window (where the gun rack should be.) These are rare, very rare, around here. I pulled up to the side of the truck to have a look inside. The guy was looking back at me and waved inanely at me. I guessed it was a dig at me, informing me he did not care what he had done, but there was this odd smile with it. I broke into laughter. I admit, if you want to jump in front of me and cause my bag of electronics to hit the floor, just wave inanely and smile. That does the trick. Forgiven.
Oh, yeah, the girls did the computer work. :)

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