Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 2, the fallout

Nothing can be more cheerful than the fact that I am still here, most of my honor intact. My worklife, today, headed straight downhill... my life, my real life, my feeling of being true to myself, though, is better than ever. I had pent up frustration, and I mean years of pent up frustration, released in a single moment. It wasn't pretty but I survived the fallout.

Tactically, I could have done better, but I have never been good, nor wanted to be good, at tactical maneuvers. I am clothed in honesty... it is not good armor, but it is fulfilling.

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  1. Oh my, this sounds like something my husband might say if he ever allows himself to speak his mind (although his employers are so petty and protective of their own undeserved egos that they would fire him on the spot for speaking his mind, never mind that it would come back to bite them) Have you ever heard of prolonged duress stress disorder? I firmly believe that a huge part of American workers suffer from it to some degree.