Wednesday, March 12, 2014


Well, I couldn't sleep much last night so today will be a struggle. At age 56, everything seems a struggle. I never can complain as my wife is older than I. What amazes me sometimes is the fact that age catches up with everybody, but there are those who keep themselves fit and make the struggle less... FOR A WHILE. :)

I have been reading a book on the flaws in evolution theory and a big one is the aging process. If every organism is evolving to make itself better by natural selection, it seems only logical that eventually organisms would live longer. However, they do not improve themselves in this manner. There is a timer that goes off in all animals (except one jellyfish) that says it is time to turn off, predators or not. It is kind of good for the evolutionary process, but terrible for the individual organism. :) Seemingly it is also bad for the species, as more numbers are better than less caused by alarm clocks,

Which reminds me... i am sleepy... and that alarm by my bed just went off. I would be better without it!

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