Monday, April 7, 2014

A Month

...has passed.

(I am still of the notion that I am writing that nonsensical Rampant Letters blog that I was just editing an entry for. I must pull myself together.)

I have such perspective. I have seen the world shift. Forgive my errant writing. Sometimes the truth is too delicious to set out before the world, which, as I say, has shifted.

It is actually only my perspective that has changed. (I have altered the worde "shifted" to the worde "changed" so as not to be in repetition.)  Yes, you must have guessed that I have no intention of laying the sandwich open lest there be flies about.

Suffice it to say that I am much better.

I go to be with my brother this weekend. My perspective is great. Wish my brother, and me, luck. In the past I have always been bad to worry about health. I keep that in mind always.

I had a dream I want to write about. I just haven't got the time to figure out which of my blogs it belongs in. :)

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