Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Hello, hello, hello. What's all this then? Are and is.... together at last?

Why this blog does well is a testament to it's name, and certainly not my interesting life. :) Today I am sick in bed. Every time I get this sick I cannot think of worse more uncomfortable symptoms than I have at the time. I have only to remember my bout with broken ribs, though. -Sigh- that was a monster. Yet, here I am with the sorest throat I must have ever had. Ouch. This worsening effect is actually a function of my age. How bad things are is equal to how bad things actually are multiplied by your age.

Well, obviously blogspot has no grammar police.

This morning I was sleeping late... it being the day I had to work at night. So... I am in my bed playing a little at my computer until my wife came in to wake me up. Yes, I was sick yesterday... yes I felt bad this morning but when I answered my wife's "Good Morning" (and you really have not experienced a good "good morning" until you have experienced my wife's, which is a mixture of sweetness to not scare me awake and loudness to wake me) I answered with the squeakiest voice imaginable. I started with no sound, then a little more sound to test out the waters of my laryngitis then a lowering of tone necessary to bring my voice down to a frequency that would not startle the dogs in the neighborhood. Ouch.  This is obviously a just punishment for someone who talks too much. Exchanging pleasantries with the nurse was fairly painful after telling the doc my symptoms. She arrived late to the festivities. I showed her my bared bottom and she sank a needle in. Ouch, again. Is there no end? (see, that was a pun. Ouch.) Is there no end?

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