Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vinyl gardening...

My gosh I have felt so much better since the doctor gave me a shot and some antibiotics for a sinus infection. This is kind of startling. I must have been suffering for months and months, just under the threshold.

I did not play with vinyl this weekend, but I did set up an adequate pair of speakers for my turntable. I have the preamp going to the computer via usb and to the receiver via RCA cable. The final step is to feed the computer into the receiver, line out to RCA, so that I use the same set of speakers to monitor and playback.

What has been fun about this project is the slow and methodical way I have gone about it, and the success at each step. I am in no hurry and the fun is in the doing. I have finally outgrown the desire to have it perfect and "done."

Vinyl gardening...

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