Thursday, June 26, 2014

My Barking Dogs

I am so tired tonight after spending a late night not sleeping following the night of the barking dog. Tonight, as it was last night, there is silence over there. How long this will last, I don't know.

One of the smartest people I know, Nancy, a high school girl who volunteers at the library on Saturdays, told me about the concept of writing a novel a month. I think it was some sort of group project. As usual, my mind wandered, so I am not at all sure what Nancy was explaining... and I wondered if it was finally time to begin a novel that I would see through from start to finish. The goal would be to finish, not in a month, just to finish. It seems like a simple enough idea to have escaped me entirely. Simple ideas always escape me.  I have started so many first chapters. One of my daydreaming skills is thinking about how one would go about plotting fiction. I finally put two of my most cherished ideas together and decided to just write it. If I never come up with another idea or this turns out awful, at least the daydreaming will become a bit less fruitless.

I started a blog with the book on it. I am debating keeping the blog to my eyes only, but...  open blogs have been so important to my efforts.... I am debating. My writing process is unstable at best but when I am making stuff up, well, anything could be edited out or changed.
What I have learned in the last two months: no matter how random or even asinine the motivation, things get done when there is that motivation.


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