Thursday, June 23, 2011

I'll Trade You My Green Beans for Your Roll


Trump would have had to give up this show had he actually run for President. Remember when he told us how proud he was after his racist treatment of our President forcing him to come up with more proof than any other Hawaiian citizen has or will ever have that he was indeed American by birth? Now to cash in on the publicity. Pride indeed. Really, money is just sickening in these large amounts.

6/22 Another humorous moment from CNBC radio. I don't know half the time who is talking because this is the television show broadcast on radio and I can't see the subheadings. And I'll have to paraphrase this as well. The gist of the discussion was that economies were growing but more in the "tradable" area and this area is not known for job creation. "Tradable" here must mean trade that is unlike the trade in which Walmart engages - plenty of jobs there. It was I guess a euphemism for the financial sector, because it rings true that the "financials" are doing quite well, taking bailouts, buying stocks and gold and commodities and then there are still those money making risk spreading derivatives. With all that activity there is still no money for small businesses or job creation. No wonder he wanted to use a euphemism for this crappy area of the economic activity which he himself was a part of. Then this pundit started to talk about jobs but just could not come up with the words to describe what he needed to say. Showing that jobs was obviously not his area of expertise, he bumbled around with the the terms "training" and "skills" sounding incoherent enough that another panelist had to throw out the term "innovation" to help the pundit sound like he had at least a high school education. "Yes, yes, innovation and stuff like that." It was embarrassing to listen to. We still need those job thingies before we can have a recovery and begin stashing away even more "tradable" profits, darn it to heck.

He reminded me a bit of the man who was lacking basic computer skills and while fumbling over saving his resume to his email blurted out in frustration that usually his secretarial staff did this kind of work for him. He realized later just what he had said and thanked me nicely for my help. He was really a very nice gentleman. But I have to admit before he became nice to me I was indeed thinking that his secretarial staff would probably be finding it easier to get new jobs with their skill set and the patience they must have had.  :)

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