Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Extra Dip

6/7 http://www.cnbc.com/id/43291486  Unlikely double dip? Possibly, but how likely is a huge recovery? I'm not sure here. Devaluation of the dollar is in progress according to China, well duh. However buying gold is a gamble to me really. The downside is tremendous by now and the upside is all fueled by fear. Fear can dissolve quickly, better be ready to sell that gold just as quickly. Pop! Because somewhere in there lies the breaking of another bubble.

We are coming out of quantitative easing and the bump may have been taken here. If so it was a small one.  I'm not sure that we can recoup manufacturing jobs quickly. This has been decades in the making. Dollar devaluation will obviously help.

For all the right wing types who don't have money in the millions, devaluation is the hidden tax because you refused to pay the real tax. And this hidden tax is with interest. Now what did you buy with all that money? Any investments besides the oil fields of Iraq? Sad really.

Print all the money you want to keep the millionaires in yachts but eventually we pay, even if we vote against taxes. Who can afford inflation and dodge it when it hits? Why the people with the money.

George W. Bush doubles the nation's debt and invests none and we head into a deep recession. Let's get these guys back for a double dip of plutocracy.

Plutocracy may be a harsh word but not really, not in Citigroup's high level discussions of the rest of us. There is a leaked Citigroup memo written by Citigroup's researcher Ajay Kapur that starkly confirms the plutocracy and describes how Citigroup should act in order to profit.  It is cold and uncompassionate in the way the American voter is viewed, as talen in by the rich to vote in the way the rich want. This memo has been pulled from a lot of places all over the Internet replaced by "This content was removed at the request of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP "  That took some hard work to track down all the places. But here is a link I found, after a 15 minutes of searching, as long as it too remains active:


It hasn't been in the Mainstream Media, I will guess. I first learned about it from Michael Moore's documentary on capitalism.

6/7 Nutritional information on Quizno's Beef Dip Submarine Sandwich:

Fat Calories:
Carbohydrates Calories:
Protein Calories: 21%
Common serving units / Carbs / Protein / Fat / Calories 
47 23 18 440
24 12 9 220
70 34 27 660
61 30 23 572

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