Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Asked for Cheddar, not American

6/26 Gosh, they need to stop changing their news around so much. Last blog, I commented on what is called the "original post" in this artcle:

Now I usually trust Slate but I failed here to see that they were quoting from Ruppert Murdoch's Washington Post. Now the Fox News owner's biggest enemy is NBC and of course whoever is the enemy of Ruppert Murdoch is fair game for yellow journalism. Heck as far as that goes everything is fair game for yellow journalism for these guys. But I just could not see... I just could not see.

I feel bitter enough to not trust Slate anymore but..... as I have asked before in my blogs, just who are we to trust? We have nothing but the mainstream media except for a few non-journalistic bloggers and possibly BBC or PBS, but those too seem slanted. At least Slate has corrected their story, and my views of Ruppert Murdoch remain accurate, I guess, because I had prejudged :) him correctly long ago based on David Letterman's assessment that it was all publicity and no substance. David wasn't going to let a racist on the show. Maybe an ex-racist?  At any rate I haven't watched Letterman in months. Maybe that's why I am so sour. :)

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