Thursday, June 16, 2011

What Kind of Bread?

6/16 Does the airing of the potential global effects of the Greek default crises make anyone one think that it might, just might not be a good idea to play this USA debt ceiling game any longer?
6/16  It's really hard to tell what's happening. The stories go back and forth. "Double Dip" "Soft Landing" "Soft Patch" "Greek Crises" "Good Numbers from China" "China to Rescue Euro at Expense of Dollar"  It's just hard to tell what just anyone is forecasting these days. I say ignore them all. They are now all like media scientists predicting carcinogens and healthy foods, and never correct. They are like perveyers of diets. Did I mentally telepath you thinking "Snake Oil Salesman?" Well I should have. :) I can't come up with all the analogies on my own!
6/16 I'm forgetting about the idea of using Facebook to organize all my blogs. What a piece of crap Facebook is. :)  Yes, I'm halfway joking but... does Facebook remind you of something Microsoft might put together and say "This is easy." Perhaps I don't understand the Facebook ideal but seriously, anyone could come up with a better gui and look and feel. Facebook just feels slimy from the beginning and having no control over the slimier ads just makes me, well.. a little reticent. :) So... up at the top of all my blogs there will now be a list of my other blogs. Organization done.

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