Saturday, August 4, 2012

Lost in Space

I was writing this rather longish post on here about a week ago when the electricity went out, and of course, being a geek, I just went on with life without complaint, not wanting to admit that I had not saved. :)

I was thinking that I  might have two options here. One, to just admit everywhere I go that I idiotically don't follow what I know is right, or kinda cover it up and pretend it never happened.

Then I started wondering if that was perhaps something someone who is steeped in any belief might wonder. Why was I speeding? Isn't that against the law? Why didn't I just give that guy a dollar who had his hand out and a homemade sign saying he was homeless?

But my antistress training kicks in somewhere here, and I just do not worry about things. I think that perhaps those who have problems with stress just don't know when to quit thinking about something too deeply. I know that my individual problem is worrying about not supplying what another needs, either in my personal life or in my job with its rather generous and broad job description.

I quit a Psychology major because of the same reason: the unspecified. I felt my courses of study to just be too broad and general to be of use in helping individual people. Later they went on to find drugs, so good for them. :)

Meanwhile I somehow ended up in a job that was really amazingly broad and general...

Oh, and on Saturdays.... it is even more out there in space... if this morning was any indication.

Update: it was a great indication.

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