Tuesday, August 28, 2012


First up, a guy who comes in here and always has problems of one kind or another who reminds me of Cliff Barnes from Dallas had to go out and roll up his car windows because we just got rain from the tropical storm Isaac. I said "Naturally his windows would be down. It's not like we all haven't done that once in a while, it's that this guy does all the things all the time that we all just do once in a while."

Secondly, the Tomato Sandwich of Truth has a purpose. I can share a little truth. :) Last night I was looking at political graphics I have shared with a sort of distribution page. I am getting thousands of shares. Thousands and thousands of comments on those shares and I can, like, scroll down page after page of people who discussed my political thought! MY IDEA! 

 I'm on cloud 9. This is the Tomato Sandwich, either you like them, or you don't. So there. :)

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