Wednesday, August 1, 2012

In Which I Am Red Faced and Forgotten

This is a picture I took of myself in a mirror during the time when I was sick. It seems hard to believe I was so sick and the doctors had no clue. My stomach was the main problem but my face, as seen here, was very red. This was not sunburn. I don't know if there is a medical explanation for this. I had so many symptoms. Dizzyness (which turned out to be my inner ear) and all forms of odd things were happening. All I know is that most of these symptoms are gone now, my problem mainly being caused by the effects of anxiety on my stomach, acid reflux, IBS, etc. I took a number of photos trying to actually get a profile picture so I was actually trying to find a shot that demphasized the redness.

I just ran across this picture while weeding out some files. It is nice to have this momento of a time when I could find no answers and it seemed that all would just continue downhill. Although I am a fairly huge wimp when it comes to illness, I kind of admire the simple fact that I got through this time. I found the right doctor. And as time went by, I have forgotten what my tender to the touch red face even felt like.

The history of me is full of mysteries. My parents died when I was in my early 20's so it has been so long since I had their imput to my early history as a kid. People die all the time and we lose just a little of the history of us each time this happens.

I have taken on a project to put my videotapes on Youtube, indexed on one of my other blogs. Most of this stuff will be boring to all but a few, I suppose. A few things might be interesting to a lot of people. My picture above may be interesting to only me. But I did tape stuff from CNN backhaul feeds, shows that featured the Beatles, a few soap operas, and things that I thought woud be forgotten. I taped them for a reason, I knew that they might just never be saved by someone else.

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