Tuesday, August 7, 2012


I think I finally have a way of uploading my old VHS tapes with a minimum of trouble (and expense) and a maximum video quality. It is not perfect, but we are talking about old VHS tapes. I am going with Vimeo for now. I posted something on Youtube and got one really ignorant comment so I will just post here on my blogs and Vimeo. My videos are on the link above marked "TV Blog."  I really didn't care much for a wide audience anyway. It's just a hobby.... and a proper hobby for a librarian. :)

All is well. This was my day off. My wife is working late unfortunately but I have had a nice quiet Monday. I think my off days of Sunday and Monday are going to work out.

Odd noise outside...  the mosquito bug spray pickup truck. :)  Gees, it is nice here with that being the only noise that I have heard all day except for the TREC man coming to take some voltage meter off the side of the house. I'm finished with those guys. They can do with me what they will. I will just continue my parody blog oblivious to their nonsense. :)

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