Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Ok, I certainly have enough projects started now on the Internet. :)  

And there has been some success in actually finishing projects in my life. I think the Internet projects are mostly ongoing anyway, but the actual life projects are interesting to note:

1.  Turntable is up and running. It is easy to monitor. Everything is set up perfectly. It delivers the most awesome sound. I am really lucky here. This has been a quest for a while. The newer USB turntables are a rip. Buy a good turntable and a good "preamp/usb" box.  It is as simple as that.
2.  Opelika Power Services (terrible name for great service) is definitely the way to go for all our video and internet needs. Everything is now set up. The DVR is simply awesome and the speed of the Internet is as advertised. The customer service is beyond excellent.
3. I love my new receiver and my old one is powering speakers for that turntable. All of my components of my living room should talk to each other as almost all are Sony. They do talk extraordinarily well, but they just don't listen to my commands well.

To be completely finished, I think, I just need to mail Dish back their once great but now vastly inferior DVR.  I am not sure what the next step is in television but... honestly, I cannot imagine wanting more than I have now except in the nature of programming.  The television networks are awful. American television is a disgrace and embarrassment to our nation and democracy. But there are still a few watering holes in the vast wasteland. I have been interested in scripted fiction television for so long, and happily watching Netflix for all programming. I had not noticed the drastic decline in educational/cultural programming (with the exception of PBS, which too has declined, but not to the bottom. I suspect the upper tiers of the channel offerings might be better but... I don't know) I feel like I stuck my head out of my cave after a period of hibernation only to find the neighborhood in tatters.

My wife and I painted the entirety of the inside of the house. That was almost entirely her accomplishment. I did a fraction of a fraction. Vaulted ceiling... nightmare but done. :)

My wife is on the verge of a successful tomato garden. If we settled for fried green tomatoes, she would now be done. That project is well in hand. I have to replace some bushes around our house because of bugs and disease. This is the second time I have tried these bushes... no more. I will replace them with types of bushes that have done exceedingly well. Oh, I do have to cut down one really ugly bush. AND it is just nice to repeat the word "bush" without thinking of disaster, death, and the apocalypse. 

All said... I am pretty satisfied.

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