Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Good Humor

My earlier entry reminded me of something from the past. While I was talking about positive aspects of everyday life, I was not always so lucky to view events as positive... primarily because the events were so overwhelmingly negative. It is one thing to work at a job where you can say... "oh well... I will be late for work"... and quite another to work somewhere that you think "I will be late for work Although it is not my fault, this will have extreme consequences."

I used to work in this environment for almost a year. Any work environment can be bad or good. A lot of this has to do with your own attitude and actions leading up to the bad environment however. Sometimes it is just your boss.

What I was reminded of was a time when I was under such abuse at work that I looked at easier jobs like washing windows or cutting the grass as being preferable to the hell I was going through. I was so stressed in my job that I remember not being able to get rid of my stress after work.

This is no doubt why I looked at my delay this morning with such humor. I was celebrating really.  I am in a new place where it is easy to have a good attitude.

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