Sunday, July 20, 2014

Facebook post that really belonged here

I had a nice day at work. People seemed appreciative of even the smallest things. I wish I was somehow the reason for that because I would use my super power to make every day like this.  I am also still writing my fiction project. I am on the 3rd chapter, I have decided it is not blogging material and I am writing it with a Chromebook app instead of in a blog. I read the first two chapters of "Under the Dome" and was so disappointed (I like the TV series and really Stephen King is creative, even if he repeats his creative moments ad nauseum. Birds just kept hitting that dome and falling. Then a chapter heading about the birds. gees) and yet I was inspired at the same time. It was trashy juvenile stuff... the same type of writing style I remember that I guessed King had improved upon by now. I am inspired because I can write juvenile stuff without being trashy. I might be my only fan but I can do that.  
One other thing: perhaps I am just a bad reader but I was at times completely confused as to which side of the dome things were happening... I am still not sure about some events like the lumber truck. At first I thought I had it nailed down that this was outside the dome then logs came down on characters I thought to be inside....  I thought of a much better description of the event from a different perspective that would have added nuance and excitement...but then again... one can effortlessly tweak something someone else has actually created... Also I was reading from a faulty pdf conversion... perhaps...
  • Michael DeVore Do people really say "pickemup" trucks somewhere? Maine or something? I guessed it was some kind of creative attempt at characterization but I just thought it silly.
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  • Michael DeVore Urban Dictionary: the way that a redneck, usually one that hails from the Southern United States, refers to their pick-up truck. The added "'em" is the addition of Southern dialogue to the general name of a common type of truck, and usually makes the p...See More
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  • Michael DeVore Yeah, just as I thought. Shallow characterization. Even a redneck would only use that word in jest not as a standard term