Monday, May 9, 2011

Healthy Ingredients

5/9 THE HAMMER! After this story and the resulting superspeculation ....this story  confirming that the CME Group, the futures people, will put down the hammer when it wants to on commodities speculation. Just as was surmised after the silver margins were raised and silver plunged, the other commodities may be at risk. How easy was it to do to other commodities when they became a threatening bubble?  Why, just that easy. Oh snap!   :)   Does this smack of socialism?  Hot doggie, yes,  it does!!! It's good for the whole society and all families therein while the only people screaming on CNBC are the speculators themselves  Lower gas prices for all and without Nixon's price controls. I'll  have a beer with that hot dog!! We may have a broad based economy yet!! Make that two beers, and make them American beers, not that foreign Budweiser.

5/9  Life has had many unhealthy ingredients for me. Now I have, or more accurately have had, fibromyalgia. I know I have had it for years because when the doctor tested me which involves poking the doughboy in specific points where it hurts, she performed the same test that I unwittingly underwent years ago. My wife had given me a coupon for a free massage. During and for a week after the massage, I thought the girl had about killed me. She was zooming in on those pressure points, the same ones the doctor probed to make her diagnoses. I was sick for a week after that massage, with pain all over my body. It was highly unusual to say the least. This time, after the doctor's tests, the pain is the same kind of pain. I've been feeling it all day. I doubt this will last for a week, though. The diagnosis is the final mysterious part of the problems I have been having. All the unexplained symptoms are now covered. I have no symptoms that don't fit into one of the things I have been told. The doctors have eventually done an awesome job of diagnoses. I have been given medication but I see no reason to take it if I can help it. It is only for the pain, it makes nothing better.. After all, I have been living with this pain for a while intentionally not paying attention to it. It comes and goes depending on a number of factors. Apparently, the best thing to help is a healthy lifestyle. Exercise, etc. While I didn't exercise for a while, the pain got worst. While recently I have been exercising, the pain got slowly better (the exercise is it's own pain.) Meanwhile, I follow the doc's orders and see what happens. Later I can strategize.

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