Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Too few people understand a really good sandwich. " - James Beard

5/31 Double dip housing woes. There looks to be no end to the downward spiral for our economy. Just when we decided to cut back on stimulus because things looked safe, it isn't safe. I have confirmed that I am a conservative by my strong reactions against change of all kinds. The problem for me is that the status quo was messed up long ago. The tax rate on the top 1 percent and the top .1 percent is so much lower than when I enjoyed the goodies of life during my childhood. "Flat Tax," "Tax Cuts" and all the other electioneering phrases were really a cover to reduce the tax rate for the rich. Now having bled the economy dry, there is no money left to pay the piper except in the hands of the ultra rich, those who are firmly in control of the leeching process. I'm guessing they will move on once it is their turn to pay. I'm guessing it will be like the flight of the people from the city to the suburbs. The city, however, will be the United States and the suburbs will be whatever countries the rich find is the best value. They now have the resources to hire some mighty good international real estate agents.

5/31 Paul Simon is as the same as Pink Floyd on the mp3 player of a man mowing his lawn.

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