Friday, May 6, 2011

The Limited Biosphere of Michael's First Twog

Truth being a relative thing that changes less in my mind than it does on, say, Fox News, I feel confident in my blog title in a relative sort of way.

I'm not sure this is the world's first twog so we'll just limit it to a biosphere of indeterminate size. :) 

Twog - (n) blog by someone who probably prefers tweeting because of a short attention span. Example: "If Charlie Sheen were to blog, wouldn't that be more of a tweet sized twog?"

Previous entries:

5/5  Commodities bubble finally bursts. Great news for consumers about inflation. Oil dips for a second below 100 dollars a barrel. All this from heightened margin requirements on silver. Awesome.

5/5 Geraldo  breaks news of Bin Laden first, worries about his career while breaking the news (channeling the empty vault of years past) then proceeds to report incorrect accounts of Osama being killed by a bomb weeks ago, high fiving his guest. Happy days, good times. :)  Meanwhile Fox News leaves an edited version of the hilarity up as proof they first broke the "news,"  I watched the edited version that night.  But the more telling version is this one:  that shows the great speculation about Libya long beforehand. Missed it by that much....  Fox edit:

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