Thursday, May 12, 2011

No Baloney

5/11 My vacation is coming up so no more posts for a while. I was thinking of ending this blog because no matter what form I choose, my politics are clearly unpopular. Was a box of paper clips where I used to work worth a year of pure hell and all the health problems I now have from that? Was being a real librarian worth the stress that destroyed so much of me? I can't answer that. I've tried but I can't. As I get older I do have the ability now to not care, cultivated as self preservation instincts kicked in. As past mistakes now catch up with America with a vengeance, I can only know for sure that I told them so and have no guilt. But when I see the innocents affected and my hands are tied to help, I can only remember the toll it takes on my own situation to innocently care so much.

Come this Christmas I will focus on one innocent person I have picked to represent the others and the world will be just a little better. And I feel so much better in the present. Thank you, my God, for that answer to soothe my soul.

And I will eventually come up with a blog that has all the right elements. Meanwhile...

Next... Disney Magic, where I will be treated as an important member of a caring and civilized society, if only for a short while in my hopes and dreams. So long, see ya real soon.

5/11   More speculators take a hit. :) Energy stocks lead stocks down. Oil executives to face our elected representatives   Will we take away their subsidies? Stay tuned.

5/11 Because I feel the need to explain, the following chart, as hard as it is to believe, represents good news:

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