Tuesday, May 31, 2011

More Than I Can Chew

5/30 No topical political thoughts today or anytime soon, except to say: hyperinflation now rapidly looking more possible to the point that I feel it is no longer viable for me to hope it isn't likely to happen. Politically, this will once again spread blame while those who should really be blamed will walk around in oblivious ignorance. While musing today I wondered about how we could make this fair. Voting records. If our votes were not annonymous, the idiots who always voted against tax increases and for tax reductions for mainly the top 1% could be charged extra hyperinflation for their past idiocy and selfishness. Wikileaks theory again.

5/30 I did 4 blog entries on the cruise and enjoyed writing them so much I decided to continue my old blogs. So now I have to deal with organization which I have been putting off. With a bit of wisdom I gleaned from one of my dining companions on the cruise, I really need a facebook page "one ring to rule them all" :) So here is my idea so far but I'm not sure of the practicality's. Facebook page to tell about mowing the grass and stuff (like this entry itself.) Torpedo of Truth to tell short political, economic, and just plain treasonous talk. Aimless Blog for my longform aimless personal enjoyment with no regard for my audience. Amiable Blog for longform semiappropriate material. And finally, my photographic blog/botanical journal of life Thousand Words. Too much? Yes, and I'm fat too. :)

5/30 Back from cruise, life is so very good at home.

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