Friday, May 6, 2011

All of Life's a Sandwich, Take a Bite but Not Too Much

5/6 The Republicans finally take my advice and leave my Medicare alone :)  Backing off of the Medicare decimation bill, Republican leadership leaves pretty much every GOP representative free to dangle in the downdraft of the inevitable attack ads that will be swooping their way in like blackhawks in the moonless election night. :)

5/6 Meanwhile the commodity bubble continues a glorious burst. The fun here is the good news for the average American at the expense of the rich guys who speculate selfishly:

5/6 Job report is good. Equity market reacts well so far today:
(even though the unemployment rate gets higher as more people seek jobs feeling like they might snag a few, the numbers of new jobs are higher than expected. And I think these are mostly private sector creations.)

5/6 Republicans to take down economy we have salvaged. The treasury is forced to make moves that will hurt the economy in stages to avoid the worst case scenario of the spector of bankruptcy the Republicans seem so fond of:

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