Sunday, August 7, 2011

Black Monday?

Brace yourself. The volitility of Friday's stock maket was frightening towards the end of the day. There were apparently very very big orders being tossed around. I heard the guy on CNBC call it crazy how the Dow was jumping in such a whipsaw fashion.

Perhaps this explains some of it:

I'm not really very good at predicting things, so I don't know whether things will go up or down Monday but there is a potential for something very bad to happen. If anything good happens or nothing happens, that will be an amazing story all by itself.
I'm really curious though. It seems that it would be obvious to everyone with problems that this fanatical protection of the taxes of rich people might be part of the reason we cannot raise enough money to pay for our government. Surely, we will get it soon. Surely.

The 1987 Black Monday wasn't all that tough on Reagan.

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