Thursday, August 4, 2011


Well, I said I would be happy if it was less than 700...   512 is less than 700.  Yet, it was somewhere around 300 down when I was thinking that 700 sounded like full panic mode. Somehow 512 seems pretty panicky. I hope not. Is tomorrow the release of the unemployment data? I thought that is what I heard earlier in the week. But they seemed to pretty much guess what those numbers would be. I hope they were correct, or maybe even wrong on the downside. Also pushing this panic are terrible numbers from the rest of the world and they keep talking about Europe like they are in the past tense. That sounds scary. One commentator said "Germany needs to realize it is married to the rest of Europe, and either needs to pay the wife's bills, or divorce her." I see the analogy, I just don't see why Germany is the only husband in a gaggle of wives. I haven't understood the European problem from the beginning. No one seems to pay attention to it over here long enough to explain things to me. One thing that gives me hope about it is that Europe seems to have done the same kind of irresponsible rosy scenario forecasts for every piece of duct tape they patched things up with, only to be trounced later. At least we aren't alone in our myopia. Bush II always did hate what they thought in the "halls of Europe."  Oh yeah, I also remember, "Need some wood?"

No, just shoot me instead.

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