Monday, August 1, 2011

An End to the Sandwich Buns.... umm Puns

8/01 This historic day marks the end of sandwich themed titles, well, almost. This thing still has to pass and avert financial catastrophe. I'm still catching up because I stay away from the news until it is absolutely necessary. Did influencing the Congress just get 96 percent cheaper? 16 members to bribe to reap incredible benefits. Does this also indicate that the Mad Tea Party is a non-factor in deficit reduction debate? I mean, how many Mad Tea Party members would you put on such a committee? I'm guessing one, at most. Does this effectively split the Republican Party by having a member that agrees to nothing or will there be a countering left wing curmudgeonly liberal? Heck... it doesn't matter. No left wing liberal would have the stick-to-it-ness of a Mad Tea Party participant. :)

Anyway, I'm catching up on what this historic abdication of responsibility actually means to the rest of us.

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