Saturday, August 20, 2011


After a particularly long day of feeling pretty bad, I finally made it home. I began watching "The One Percent" directed by one of the younger Johnsons in the family of Johnson & Johnson. So far it is very entertaining in that it restates what I already know from a unique perspective. I made it as far as Milton Freidman, now a sad old man who is snotty and supports the inequitable system as a matter of course. It is hard to believe that once I thought this man a great thinker.

I need to try to find some books online by Robert Reich and there is one more I wanted, but have forgotten. Perhaps If I really used this blog as a way to keep structure in my life, I wouldn't be so forgetful.

Today I had lunch again at the Hibachi Grill. Their vegetables and rice is fairly inexpensive and healthy and tastes like I could eat it every day. As long as I am honest here, I must remember to describe "cup-o-meal." But not tonight, search for books, then sleep. Thank you for your time.

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