Tuesday, August 9, 2011

GOP Finally Polling Worse

I listened to CNBC this morning or last night, I can't remember which, only to hear someone mention how consumers would be happy for lower oil prices. Can these people get more callous? Hundreds of thousands may suffer from loss of homes or loss of jobs because of the economy which causes the low oil and commodity prices. Good news for the consumer!

At any rate, the stock market recovered a bit. Don't celebrate yet, though.

Then, I heard the news that the GOP was not polling well. Now.. there's a shocker. It takes events the size of a large asteroid plunging into the Earth but yes, finally...  http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0811/60952.html   Quick... let's have an election!

You see, I've had this little thought nagging me about direct democracy lately. I'm willing now to throw caution (and my 5th grade civics teacher) to the wind, turn this car around young man, and change this country to a direct democracy. There are many advantages. Think of how hard it would be to consistently come up with election gimmicks and cheat on the voting machines. Eventually, they would run out of tricks. AND we would have the same power as those lobbyists who run around Washington every day. Surely you can guess that we could have voted ourselves into a debt rating downgrade without them. AND it's just possible, if the question came up about taxing everyone earning above 250 thousand dollars while giving out tax cuts to the rest of us, we would mentally examine our paychecks and our bank accounts and say, "You betcha!"

But before we do that, let's vote on whether to put an ATM at the voting machine spitting out tax cuts! Hey, it couldn't get worse, could it?  I doubt we would stand around arguing with each other before casting our vote at the last possible moment. Heck.. those of us with jobs would vote in the morning to get to work on time. The rest would have the whole day to vote and cheap gas to get them there.

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